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oh yes

papers are done
class are almost done
work is easy
i have money
Im living in the townhouses next year
lots of good stuff is coming up

i have some shit left for school, but only two weeks left

life is good.

Nonny's ain't graduatin'


Graduation Invitation


For: John DiPompeo, Jr.

Date: June 10, 2006

Time: 2-7pm.

Place: 7314 Ryers. Ave

Philadelphia, Pa

R.S.V.P. 215-260-0634 (regrets only).

P.S. I am giving invitations to who ever i see, if i didn't give any to some people just tell them they are invited anyway. I am not organized, if i know you and we are friends then come.

for kids who are curious

Okay this is my SHORE HOUSE that people will be staying at after prom
I want to remind you that this was two years ago when this was taken, before we had grass
this is a picture of it being built
and its a lot bigger in person

im still smiling

march 25, 2006
the best night of my life.
the happiest night of my life.
i love love love love love love love love love love everything right now.

i can still remember every little detail.

one more time

dear mandy michael nick marie and shannon,

Short and simple, i love you guys.

tomorrow: last show at dougherty.

right now, i am just happy. sooo happy.

college, i think you can wait a little bit.

high school, oddly as this sounds coming from me...i love you.


stupid nuns.

they make me laugh.


this is for marie.
a "non-friends only" post.

i hear a lot of people hate friends only post.

And then he realizes...

Oh yes oh yes oh yes. I'm finally done with it all.

I think i should be congratulated.

My brain hurts. To much. To much.



By the way, thats about calc.

So tonight i wrote a letter, that was dumb because it was all wrong and now i look like silly in a jacket with no shirt. I give up on trying to be cute. I fail at it.


Fall is hereCollapse )


It's a shame our world is filled with online hackers. Fuck you who ever did that. I'm sorry if anyone was hurt, it was my last intention to ever do that. Someone messed with my AIM, and decided to send pictures to inncocent people and make it seem like a lot of shit was going on. There wasn't and im sorry if anyone was hurt. I hate the internet.

oh man

I might be going on kairos...i heard mr. rauscher may be going back in october, so i hope i get to go.

My head is killing me, and i can't finish this summer reading crap.

Today was a very nice day, i dont know what i am doing tonight.

Oh man, i think i have a fever...i just don't want dougherty to start. I don't mind lasalle, just not dougherty.

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